Price List

Price List

Consultation – 20 min

Mesoestetic Skin Peels – 45 min – R690

Azelan Peel
Peel with antifungal and comedolytic properties. Indicated for treating different stages of acne.

Modified Jessner
Broad spectrum peel indicated for treating uneven skin tone, dull, dehydrated skin as well as aging. This peel leaves your skin bright and glowing.

Melanostop Tranx Peel
Depigmenting peel. Superficial peel indicated for treating hyperpigmentation and photoaging.

Lactic Acid Peel
Indicated for sensitive, dehydrated skin. This peel leaves the skin plumped and hydrated.

Vitamin A Proprionate Peel
This is a layered Vitamin A peel. Used to treat acne, hyperpigmention as well as aging skin.

Acnelan Peel – 45min – R990
This peel is recommended for moderate to severe acne.


Dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment which removes fine velous hair as well as dead skin with the use of a blade and scalpel. Pain free.

LED Light Therapy – 20min – R350

Microneedling – 60min – R990 (optional mesoestetic ampoule add-on R250)

Microneedling/ Dermapen, also known as collagen induction therapy, is an advanced aesthetic procedure that makes use of a device consisting of multiple tiny sterile needles, which punctures the skin with the aim to stimulate collagen and elastin. A strong topical anesthetic is applied prior to treatment to ensure that it is pain free.

The benefits include overall skin rejuvenation, tightening, plumping of fine lines and wrinkles, improving pigmentation and acne scarring. Minimal downtime. This treatment is recommended to be done every 2-3 weeks.

Hair Microneedling – 45 min – R1200

Microneedling on the scalp with a Mesoestetic hair loss ampoule to stimulate new hair growth and improve the health of existing hair. This treatment is recommended to be done every 2 weeks.

Mesoeclat Treatment by Mesoestetic – 60min – R1500
Mesoeclat is a powerful anti – aging, skin rejuvenation treatment. Treatment consists of a mesoeclat peel, microneedling using the mesoeclat ampoule followed by LED lights. Guaranteed to leave your skin healthy, plump and bright. Perfect for brides and special occasions. This treatment is recommended to be done every 2 weeks.

Mesoestetic Depigmentation Protocol – 60min – R1500
The Depigmentation protocol was designed to treat more severe pigmentation such as Melasma and sun damage. The treatment consists of a Melanostop peel, microneedling with a Mesoestetic depigmentation ampoule followed by LED lights. This treatment is recommended to be done every 2 weeks.

Eye Rejuvenation

Periocular Peel – A peel specifically designed to treat dark under eye circles as well as fine lines and wrinkles.
20min – R350

Eye Microneedling – R660
Microneedling the periocular area with a depigmentation ampoule to treat hyperpigmentation, flaccidity, loss of tissue density, under- eye circles and loss of brightness.

Cosmelan Peel Mask – 60min – R6000
Cosmelan is a medium depth peel used to treat stubborn hyperpigmentation. The peel is applied and is left on for 10 hours.

Cosmelan Homecare – R7800
This consists of the Cosmelan maintenance cream, Melan recovery and mesoprotect SPF 130+. This is essential to maintain the results of the Cosmelan Peel.